On The Porch With Front Porch Music

The Queen Of Sad Music, with Parker Graye

February 22, 2022 Parker Graye Season 1 Episode 4
On The Porch With Front Porch Music
The Queen Of Sad Music, with Parker Graye
Show Notes

This week, we are joined by the queen of sad music. Parker Graye is a country music artist from Vancouver, and has been turning heads, and pulling at heartstrings within the country genre.

She may write sad music, but she's the most bubbly and wonderful human you could ever hope to meet.

We're so proud to call her friend.

We had a great chat with Parker Graye "On The Porch" and we're so excited to share this one with you. We talked about her Canadian Idol audition, how she became known as the "Saddie for the baddies", and why she thinks sad music resonates with people so much.

Stream her latest single "Cowboys Go".

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