On The Porch With Front Porch Music

Broken Bones and Shooting Pucks with Taylor-Rae

March 08, 2022 Taylor-Rae Season 1 Episode 5
On The Porch With Front Porch Music
Broken Bones and Shooting Pucks with Taylor-Rae
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This week we have country artist Taylor-Rae join us On The Porch.

Taylor-Rae is an emerging artist from Alberta (and living in BC). Her latest single "Hellbent" is exploding online right now, and on a journey to a million streams.

We got the chance to chat with Taylor-Rae, she also said she answers to TR, Taylor, Tay, Thomas Rhett, whatever! We talked about her journey to music, her resilience as a performer, broken bones, and not going viral on TikTok.

In the episode we talked about one of her TikTok videos. You can find that video here.

Be sure to stream "Hellbent" by Taylor-Rae.

Follow Taylor-Rae on TikTok and help her go viral.

On this episode, we also made a HUGE announcement ... For our 50th episode of On The Porch with Front Porch Music, we will be talking to Canadian ICON Shania Twain! She doesn't know this yet ... but I'm sure she'll be very excited about it !

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A HUGE Announcement